Funding Facts: Business Intelligence Tools That Can Help You Become More Profitable

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As a staffing company owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. One of the best choices you can make is to involve Madison Resources in your planning. We provide you with tools that change the way you look at your business. You gain confidence knowing you have the operational support and technology needed to make better business decisions.

Find out how Madison Resources can help your staffing company increase its bottom line. 

Madison Cloud Solutions

Madison’s cloud-based, cutting-edge technology is built and supported in-house and available 24/7. This lets you focus on driving sales and increasing profitability. We provide applicant tracking system (ATS) and staffing customer relationship manager (CRM) technology to manage candidate and customer relationships. This includes a drag-and-drop resume loader, automatic job matching to candidates, and dashboard reporting. You can integrate with job boards, perform location-based candidate searches, and schedule follow-ups.

Madison also offers online payroll processing. Our technology fully integrates with our ATS and CRM to reduce duplicate entry and error rate. You can query employees and edit payroll from one site. Data is put into our Madison Online Solutions reporting features to easily search employees, vendors, customers, and orders.

Madison Online Solutions  

Madison provides you 24/7 access to critical business intelligence that’s updated daily. This lets you improve efficiency, assess profitability, and make better management decisions. Our comprehensive sales reports include gross profit by customer, accounts receivable and days sales outstanding, and cash posting reports. We also offer an ACA calculation tool, PTO reporting, mandated sick pay calculation, and an online payment option for your customers.

Performance Analytics Tools

Created specifically for staffing agencies by our finance and technology departments, Madison’s performance analytics tools contains an unprecedented level of detail. When you log in, you receive easy-to-read, customizable graphs that represent sales, gross margin, profit, head count, markup, and aging. You can drill down to key data, including tax withholding, chargebacks, employee hours, and bill rates. Our tools provide an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement as well. Customize your view to compare your data week to week, month to month, year to year, or any nonsequential timeframe needed. Analyze your data to identify trends and opportunities to increase profitability. All information is available online 24/7. Reports can be exported to Excel.

Increase Your Staffing Company’s Profits

Increase your staffing company’s profits with help from Madison Resources. We provide the business intelligence tools you need to grow your bottom line. Get started with us today.