Funding Facts: How Can a Startup Benefit from Working with Madison Resources?

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As the owner of a startup staffing agency, you need access to payroll funding, staffing technology, back-office support, and business intelligence to build your business. Having these non-revenue-generating, compliance-laden areas covered saves money while providing additional time to focus on sales and recruiting. Madison Resources offers payroll funding, staffing technology, back-office support, and expert advice for staffing agencies in startup mode. We help you get your business off the ground and growing faster than on your own.

Find out how partnering with Madison Resources will benefit your staffing startup.  

Affordable Payroll Funding

Madison provides quick access to the capital needed to improve your cash flow and profitability. Choose our full-service payroll funding option for maximum results. This includes 100% payroll funding, payroll processing, billing, credit and collections, and payroll tax filing.

Madison Cloud Solutions

Madison provides cutting-edge technology built and supported in-house that lets you focus on driving sales and increasing profitability.

  • Madison’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship manager (CRM) system offers the most advanced online reporting to manage your sales and recruiting, performance of branch operations, and your staffing agency as a whole. Use the technology to integrate with job boards, search for candidates by location, and schedule follow-ups.
  • Madison’s online payroll processing makes it easy to take a candidate from application to payroll. The technology fully integrates with our ATS and CRM to reduce duplicate entry and error rate. The data is fed into our reporting features, letting you easily search and edit employees, vendors, customers, and orders.

Madison Online Solutions

Madison provides 24/7 access to updated business intelligence to improve efficiency, assess profitability, and make better management decisions. This includes comprehensive sales reports, gross profit by customer, accounts receivable and days sales outstanding, cash posting reports, and detailed performance analytics.

Complete Back-Office Support

Madison’s complete back-office support gives you more time to increase sales, recruit talent, and serve customers better.

  • In-house, multistate payroll processing includes printed checks or direct deposit with online paystub, multistate new hire reporting, PTO and sick pay tracking and reporting, and more.
  • Billing includes customized invoicing and distribution, billing issue alerts, timesheet to invoice verification, and more.
  • Collections includes daily/weekly auto-generated reports, complete detail aging report, aging detail over 60 days, and more.
  • Credit includes credit analysis and risk assessment on all customers, commercial credit reviews on prospective and existing customers, ongoing credit monitoring of all active customers, and more.
  • Cash applications include timely posting, services conducted according to customer instructions, and online payment for customers.
  • Payroll tax filing and W-2 processing include tax withholding and unemployment returns, electronic payments of federal, state, and local payroll taxes, quarterly tax filing package for recordkeeping, and more.

Gain Business Intelligence

Start building your staffing company today by working with Madison Resources. We provide the payroll funding, technology, back-office support, and staffing industry knowledge needed to grow your agency. Get started with us today.