When It Truly Matters – Why Is Madison Resources Your Best Choice?

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When it comes to choosing an outsource provider, Madison Resources is your best option. Founded and managed by professionals  in the staffing industry, we provide more dedicated, staffing-specific outsourced services than any other company. As the only outsource service provider that owns and manages its own technology, we are the top choice for helping your staffing company grow.

Find out why Madison Resources is your best choice for outsourcing functions to grow your staffing company.

The Only Outsource Service Provider Owned and Managed by Staffing Industry Executives

Madison Resources was founded in 1992 as part of a temporary staffing firm.

  • The team saw and filled a need for a comprehensive solution that included funding, back office support, software, and expert advice tailored to the staffing industry.
  • Madison Resources was fully launched and incorporated as its own business in 1994.
  • For over 25 years, the company has created a unique senior management team with over 100 years of staffing industry experience in the areas of sales, recruiting, finance, management, and M&A for small- and large-sized private firms as well as public staffing firms.

The Only Outsource Service Provider That Owns Its Technology

Madison Resources developed and maintains its own cutting-edge staffing technology in-house.

  • Our applicant tracking system/customer relationship manager system (ATS/CRM) let you manage your sales and recruiting with the industry’s most advanced online reporting to analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole.
  • Our online payroll processing, timecards, and paystubs let you take a candidate from application to payroll.
  • Combined with our suite of Madison Online Solutions, you gain 24/7 access to critical business intelligence updated daily to improve your efficiency, assess profitability, and make better management decisions.

The Most Dedicated, Staffing-Specific Outsource Service Provider  

Madison Resources supports staffing companies in 48 states and Canada. With our full range of back-office services, 100% payroll funding, cutting-edge technology, and world-class business intelligence, we provide more support to help your business succeed than anyone else. You have all you need to drive sales, improve recruiting, and deliver exceptional service.

  • We nurture client relationships through email correspondence and monthly/quarterly calls or as needed, based on client issues and concerns.
  • We provide education, training, and consultative support in all areas of front office support and software offerings.
  • We manage client profiles and track clients within the onboarding, conversion, and/or offboarding process with our customer relationship platform.

The Best Choice for an Outsource Service Provider

Madison Resources is your best choice for an outsource service provider. We provide the funding, technology, back-office support, and business intelligence needed for your staffing company’s success. Partner with us today.