Why Your Customer Service Became More Important Than Ever

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Customer service is the support and advice you provide employers and job seekers to meet their needs before, during, and after they work with your staffing agency. For instance, a customer calls with a question about an invoice, and a member of your accounting team researches and resolves the issue while talking with the customer. Customer service plays a vital role in your agency’s success. Combined with customer experience and customer success, your level of customer service impacts your long-term success.

Find out why customer service is an important part of your staffing agency now more than ever.

Customer Service and Customer Experience

Your level of customer service combined with customer experience affects your staffing agency’s success. Customer experience includes the feelings, emotions, and perceptions that form the impression a client or candidate has of your staffing agency due to their interactions with it. For instance, a job seeker sees your posting and researches your staffing agency online. Because your website is easy to use and you have top reviews on Glassdoor, the job seeker applies online and sets up an interview with a recruiter. The recruiter is friendly, informative, and able to quickly place the candidate on an assignment. The recruiter regularly checks in with the worker, and the client is so impressed with the worker that they want to hire them full-time. After a seamless transition, the new hire writes a top recommendation for your staffing agency on review sites.

Customer Service and Customer Success

Your level of customer service and customer success impacts your staffing agency’s bottom line. Customer success is affected by your dedication to helping customers and candidates. They need to have an enjoyable experience working with you. This includes building strong relationships, meeting goals, and maximizing the value provided. For instance, an account manager sees that a client calls at the same time every November requesting a large number of temps to start assignments the following week. To be proactive, the account manager calls the client in October to set up a complimentary workforce consultation. During the meeting, the two discuss the customers’s temp usage from prior years, identify patterns, discuss long-term staffing needs, and create a plan to address these needs with better qualified candidates than in previous years.

Why Customer Service, Experience, and Success Matter   

Because customer service, customer experience, and customer success are interrelated, they all impact your staffing agency’s reputation. Customer service is one element of a customers’s or candidate’s total customer experience. Whereas customer service is mostly reactive, customer success is proactive. Customer service is traditionally transactional, while customer success is relationship-oriented and ongoing. As a result, you have to master all three areas to achieve the highest overall satisfaction levels with your staffing agency.

Increase Focus on Customer Service

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