How Do You Know Your Software Changes Are Being Implemented for Longevity?

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As with any technology, your staffing agency software needs to be regularly updated to maximize performance. Failure to do so results in a slow system that frustrates users and decreases productivity. As your staffing agency grows, you need to reevaluate your software to determine whether it provides the services you need or needs to be upgraded. All of these scenarios cost your staffing agency time, money, and other resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Rather than having to continuously update your software, a more effective solution is to partner with a cloud-based technology provider that specializes in the staffing industry. You eliminate the need for software upgrades, providing more time to focus on sales and recruiting to increase your bottom line.

Find out why taking advantage of the staffing technology provided by Madison Resources is your best long-term software solution.  

Reasons for Software Aging

There are two main reasons for software aging. One reason is that the owners do not modify the software to meet changing needs. Although the software should still work, it needs to fulfill its purposes to be effective. The other reason is that changes often are made by people who do not understand the software. After multiple changes made by someone other than the designers, the software becomes difficult to understand. Additional changes take longer and can introduce new bugs. Inconsistent and or/inaccurate documentation makes changing the software hard. As a result, the software structure degrades.  

 What Happens as Software Ages

Because adding new code is the easiest way to add a feature, software grows bigger as it ages. As the size of the software increases, additional changes become more difficult. Since there is more code to change, it is more difficult to find the routines that need to be changed. Also, as the size of the program grows, the demands on the computer memory grow. This requires upgrading the software so it supports new features, runs faster, and uses less memory.

Why Software Aging Matters

Software aging is a significant problem for your staffing firm. You need updated technology to manage your applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) system. Without it, your ability to drive sales and increase profitability is reduced.

Madison Resources’ Technology  

When you implement Madison Cloud Solutions, you gain access to cutting-edge technology built and supported in-house. Because we handle the software upgrades, your new ATS/CRM system and online reporting let you more effectively manage candidate and client relationships, monitor sales and recruiting, and analyze the performance of branch operations and your staffing firm as a whole. Combined with our online payroll processing, online timecards and paystubs, and access to online business intelligence that’s updated daily, and our other services, you have what you need to support and grow your staffing firm.     

Gain Technology Longevity

Partner with Madison Resources to gain longevity with your staffing technology. We provide comprehensive solutions to help your firm grow, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability. Talk with us today.