Work on Your Business – Not in It

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Working in your staffing firm means handling day-to-day activities. This may include billing customers, paying invoices, and handling collections – which from your perspective are not the key value added services you should be focusing on. You should be focusing on selling and recruiting. Working on your staffing firm means focusing on how to improve it and make it grow. This may include planning new initiatives, streamlining processes, and building relationships. Because resources may be limited, you might believe you need to handle as much as possible on your own. However, spending time on administrative tasks means not investing time on growing your staffing firm. Instead, learn to delegate and outsource tasks so you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Implement these tips to work on your staffing firm rather than in it.

Generate Revenue

As the owner of a staffing firm, your job is to generate revenue. This means meeting and cultivating relationships with hiring managers to show how your staffing firm can add value to their organization. Your goal is to learn everything about the company, including its strengths and pain points, then provide solutions to its biggest problems. When you are not meeting with current and prospective customers, you may be setting or reviewing progress toward goals, checking in with recruiters, or responding to phone calls and emails. Investing your time in these core activities is more important than handling administrative tasks. Outsource them to a trusted company like ours.


Because you are the only one genuinely motivated to grow your staffing firm, you must delegate what you can. As the leader, you are responsible for setting objectives, uncovering problems, and delegating solutions. Every minute you spend on a task that could be delegated is a minute not spent planning, strategizing, and building your staffing firm. Free up time to remain the visionary and troubleshooter you need to be.

Outsource Back-Office Tasks

Let a trusted company like ours handle your back office. We provide payroll processing, payroll tax filing and W2 processing, billing, collections, credit, and cash applications. Let us take care of your administrative tasks so you can focus on your customers and increase revenue.

Gain Business Intelligence

Turn to staffing industry experts for business advice. We provide you with the knowledge and support needed to increase profitability and make smarter business decisions.

Here is what one satisfied client had to say about our services:

“On several occasions, both during good times and tough times, Madison has come up with creative solutions and has been a great pillar of support for us. One of the attributes of Madison that we particularly appreciate is the dedicated team that works with us.”

Partner with Madison Resources

When you partner with Madison Resources, you free up time to generate revenue. Combining our funding options, technology, and business intelligence means you have the resources needed to grow your staffing firm. Learn more today.