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As a staffing company owner, tax compliance is one of your top priorities. Tax compliance involves understanding payroll taxes, maintaining the required paperwork, properly managing W-4 and W-2 forms, and paying federal and state taxes on time. Failure to comply with tax laws and regulations can result in financial penalties, increased tax charges, and damage to your staffing company’s reputation. To avoid tax compliance issues, your best option is to outsource your payroll and payroll tax compliance to a trusted third party.

Find out why Madison Resources should be your trusted partner for compliance with payroll taxes.

Comply with State Laws and Regulations

Since tax laws and regulations can change often and vary among states, you must remain current on them. Because your time is better spent on core activities that bring in revenue, you are better off letting our experienced professionals take payroll tax compliance off your plate. We study current payroll tax laws and regulations regarding the withholding of payroll taxes, wage garnishments, and child support payments to ensure compliance with the state your business is located in and the state your staffing employees work in. This ensures your payroll taxes are accurately filed and paid on time, every time.

Gain a Team to Back You Up

Remaining compliant with payroll tax codes in different markets is a complex process. Because even the smallest error can have a substantial impact on your bottom line, it is in your best interest to have our seasoned professionals take over your payroll processing and payroll tax compliance. Taking advantage of our system of checks and balances ensures your payroll taxes are accurately filed and paid on time. Because professionals handle your payroll tax processing and reconciliation, you gain safety nets to correct mistakes and avoid penalties or fraud.

Learn from Melinda D.’s Experience

Melinda D. came to us for help because her staff was overwhelmed trying to keep up with the state and local tax climate as her staffing company expanded into new markets. We took over her payroll processing and payroll tax compliance, which provided the relief her team needed.

“Not only did Madison help us grow and expand by providing the funding we needed, but their team of professionals took the payroll tax compliance off of our desks and into the hands of their tax experts. On top of that, the headache of ACA tracking and mandatory sick pay accruals were taken care of. Now we can focus on what we’re good at – staffing!”

Let Us Handle Your Payroll Tax Compliance

Outsource your payroll and payroll tax compliance to Madison Resources. Combined with our suite of funding, technology, back-office, and business intelligence services, you have the help needed to grow your staffing company. Find out more about our payroll services today.

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