Communication Techniques that Can Help You Recruit and Sell More

Communication Techniques that Can Help You Recruit and Sell More - Madison Resources
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Recruiting and selling are two activities that can grow your staffing firm. Attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified employees lets you fill customers’ needs. Also, gathering and providing information to prospects and customers in a way that makes them want to do business with you provides the opportunities your workers seek for career growth. Whether you are recruiting or selling, your value proposition is what draws candidates and prospects to you and converts many of them to employees or customers. As a result, you must excel in communication in order to find and retain the best workers and customers.

Use these communication techniques to potentially increase your success with recruitment and sales.

View Recruitment as a Partnership

Change your view of recruitment to a “mutual sale” for both your staffing firm and the candidate. Whereas you want the candidate’s skill set and experience, they want the income, benefits, and growth opportunities your staffing firm offers. This type of partnership is likely to be successful when you provide clear communication and transparency and the candidate reciprocates. For instance, find out which career goals your top workers have so you can align them with the right opportunities.  Also, let the candidate know whether a temporary or contract position may lead to a full-time role.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

Maintain a professional online image of your staffing firm. For instance, include clear contact information on all of your platforms. Also, provide social media updates on your customers’ open roles. Plus, include search engine optimization (SEO) in your job postings to increase your visibility. Be sure to use our applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage your candidate information.

Focus on Prospects and Customers

Practice active listening when talking with a prospect or customer. Start by paying complete attention to what they are saying. Then, share your interpretation of what the person said and how they felt about the topic. Next, ask whether you properly understood them. Finally, ask a follow-up question to further clarify your understanding of the situation.

Be a Subject-Matter Expert

Talk about the subjects that are of greatest interest to your prospect or customer. Since you provide staffing solutions for a specific industry, you know customers’ main concerns, behaviors, and buying patterns. You also understand your value proposition as it relates to prospects and can use customer references to encourage prospects to do business with you. When meeting with a prospect, ask questions to learn all you can about their business. Dig into their pain points so you can provide solutions to their problems. Showing your knowledge of the industry and interest in the company builds the trust that is required to encourage the prospect to do business with you.

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