Startup Tips: What Do I Need to Know About Marketing for My Staffing Startup?

Startup Tips: What Do I Need to Know About Marketing for My Staffing Startup? Madison Resources
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Part of getting your staffing startup ready for operations involves creating your plans for sales, marketing, and recruitment. After all, your business cannot operate without revenue, customers, candidates, and employees. As a result, you need to develop your plans in each area to create a foundation and guide for your startup to be successful.

Follow these guidelines to create sales, marketing, and recruitment plans for your staffing startup.

Create Your Sales and Marketing Plans

Begin developing your sales and marketing plans by defining your target market. Include whom you will be selling to, the size of the companies you will target, and the industries they will be in. Determine which decision-makers in each company you will be speaking to about your staffing services and whether there may be gatekeepers to bypass. Next, develop comprehensive plans to reach your intended customers. Clarify what differentiates you from your competitors and why your staffing startup is the best for service delivery. Then, develop a detailed outline of the ways you will market your staffing services and position your startup to fill specific needs. Finally, determine how you will price your staffing services, including your targeted markups and gross margin. Implement your sales and marketing plans when you are ready to begin business operations. For additional guidance, set up a time to talk with us.

Develop Your Recruiting Plans

Your sales and marketing plans must work together with your recruiting plans. After all, your staffing startup cannot fill customer orders without employees and candidates. To develop your recruiting plans, consider how you will source candidates. Include the channels of outreach you will use and how you will differentiate your staffing startup so candidates work for you rather than your competitors. Put your recruiting plans into action along with your sales and marketing plans. Contact us for more detailed help.

Learn from Sam’s Success

Sam has been partnering with us since 2008. With our support and financing, his staffing firm grows more than 20% annually. We can help you achieve the results you desire for your staffing startup as well.

“As we continue to grow, one hurdle we absolutely do not have to worry about is the financing, payroll, and collections issues that hinder the growth of most staffing companies. We wholeheartedly recommend Madison to any staffing firm that is seeking a financing/payroll partner.”

Gain Additional Advice from Us

Gain additional advice from Madison Resources to build your staffing startup. Our affordable funding, staffing technology, back-office support, business intelligence tools, and more than 25 years of experience in the staffing industry help you increase profitability and make better business decisions. Download our free e-book to learn more today.

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