Training Your Staffing Company’s Front-Line People Pays Dividends

Training Your Staffing Company's Front-Line People Pays Dividends Madison Resources
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Your salespeople and recruiters are the front-line people for your staffing company. Since they often are the first point of contact for customers, they set the foundation for each customer experience. As a result, you need to properly train your salespeople and recruiters in areas such as your staffing company’s differentiators and pricing philosophy. This will help them secure new and repeat business, maintain margins, and build your company’s reputation.

Implement these tips to train your salespeople and recruiters to make your staffing company more profitable.

Teach Your Salespeople and Recruiters About Your Differentiators

The differences between your staffing company and its competitors are the reasons customers do business with you. As a result, your salespeople and recruiters need to thoroughly understand what sets you apart from other companies in your industry. After all, customers are willing to pay more for services that provide great value. So, be sure to point out specific ways you can fill customer needs and solve pain points that your competitors cannot. For instance, focus on a niche within your industry or vertical market that you have extensive knowledge and recruiting skill in. Also, focus on selling solutions to specific problems and pain points.

Ensure Your Salespeople and Recruiters Understand Your Pricing Philosophy

Effective pricing has a significant impact on your staffing company. So, your salespeople and recruiters need to set prices in a way that reflects the value you provide. For instance, train them to understand what your customers value. Your front-line people can use this information as a basis to share how your staffing services can solve customer problems and pain points. Also, teach your salespeople and recruiters to position your staffing company as an expert advisor providing high-quality services. When customers understand the value you provide, they are willing to pay more.

Train Your Salespeople and Recruiters to Hold Margins   

Your salespeople and recruiters may feel the need to quote lower bill rates and recruiter fees to overcome pricing objections. Because this would lower your margins, you must train your front-line people to overcome objections instead. After all, objections are both requests for more information and potential buying signs. So, train your salespeople and recruiters to ask leading questions. For instance, “If I reduced the bill rate by 50% and presented candidates who could perform 50% of the work, is that a good deal?” Also, “If I reduced the bill rate by 25% and presented candidates who could perform 75% of the work, is that a good deal?” And, “If I present a candidate who has 100% of the credentials you need and can hit the ground running, isn’t that the return on investment you want?” Asking questions like these should lead the customer to do business with you.

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