Why Should You Standardize as Many of Your Staffing Company’s Processes and Services as Possible?

Why Should You Standardize as Many of Your Staffing Company's Processes and Services as Possible? Madison Resources
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Concentrating on your staffing firm’s core skills, selling and recruiting,  lets you drive profits. Serving customers in the verticals you are most experienced in means you provide the greatest value for them. This encourages repeat business, referrals, and additional leads, all of which can increase your bottom line.

Ask yourself these three questions to determine where your staffing firm’s competencies lie and how you can continue to improve on them.

What Does Your Staffing Firm Do Best?

Focus on what your staffing firm excels at doing. Use this to develop a repeatable sales process that brings in additional customers and candidates. When your recruiters in a vertical use the same approach to selling your staffing services, replicating success and scaling your business become easier. To pinpoint what your firm does best, start by identifying your most profitable customers from the past 2 years. Determine the size of the company, geographic location, industry, and buyer demographics. Include the services purchased, common denominators, price and profits, and accounts receivable aging. This represents the business you filled. Target 85% of your marketing team’s efforts on this business and 85% of your recruiters’ efforts on finding talent to fill their needs. You should attain a higher percentage of written business and provide increased results. Then, use the information to create profiles for your ideal customers to generate additional business. Contact us for further advice.

Which Skill Sets Does Your Firm Focus On?

Be sure your staffing firm places candidates with the most in-demand skills for each segment you serve. You can stay on top of your customers’ needs by conducting a skills gap analysis. Finding out the skills your most profitable customers may soon be in need of to reach future goals can help you close more business. Start by talking with managers and the C-suite about where they want the company to be in the next 12 months. Find out what the strategies are to get there and the skills needed to carry them out. Determine whether jobs will be created and what their core competencies will be. Use this information to begin searching for candidates with the skills needed to reach upcoming business goals. Get in touch with us for more guidance.

What Are the Hot Buttons and Pain Points of Your Segments?

Uncover the biggest problems and needs for each of your staffing firm’s segments. The more you can demonstrate the impact you made for customers with similar issues, the more likely you are to close business. One way to uncover a customer’s hot buttons and pain points is by talking with them. They most likely will bring up their biggest problems early in the conversation. Listen carefully to your customer’s current needs. Use what you hear to push your customer’s hot buttons and show how your staffing firm can resolve their pain points. Talk with our staffing professionals for customized advice.

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