So, It’s Still Hard to Find Applicants – It May Be Time to Fix Your Candidate Experience

So, It-s Still Hard to Find Applicants - It May Be Time To Fix Your Candidate Experience_Madison Resources
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Like many staffing firms, you may be having trouble finding qualified applicants to fill your job orders. Part of the reason could be your candidate experience. How job seekers feel about their interactions with your firm affects whether they want to work for you.

Discover some ways to improve your candidate experience and how Madison Resources can help.

Defining the Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is how a job seeker perceives an employer based on their interactions both before and during the recruitment process. These touchpoints start with interactions or relationships with the company before applying for a job and extend to the first few months of employment. In the case of your staffing firm, the candidate experience is affected by how aware the job seeker is of your employer brand and reputation and whether they or their family and friends ever worked for you. The candidate experience also includes your application process, interview phase, and onboarding process.

Key Parts of the Candidate Experience

A job seeker’s interactions with your staffing firm may begin with your job postings or career page. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and jobs are easy to find and apply for. Your job descriptions and application instructions also need to be clear and concise. Plus, regularly communicate with applicants so they understand where they are at and what the next steps are. This includes an email or text if they are not chosen to advance. Additionally, use phone calls or automated messages to provide regular status updates for shortlisted candidates to keep them engaged in your hiring process. Further, keep your interview process short.

Suggestions to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Use of an applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software helps improve your candidate experience.  For instance, your ATS lets you streamline your recruitment process to increase efficiency. Your system should integrate with career sites for job seekers to easily apply from social media ads, job boards, or your career site. Your ATS also should provide a seamless mobile interface for job seekers to quickly and easily complete their applications from their mobile devices. Plus, use your CRM to automate communication with applicants. Additionally, your CRM should integrate with your ATS and help build active and passive talent pools of engaged candidates. Further, your CRM should send personalized communication to guide job seekers through your recruitment process. Madison Resources provides ATS software and staffing CRM created specifically for staffing companies to manage candidate and customer relationships.

Get Support from Madison Resources  

Turn to Madison Resources for the funding, technology, back-office support, and business intelligence needed to enhance your candidate experience and help your staffing firm grow. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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