Still Having Trouble Finding Candidates? Here Are 4 Ways to Improve Candidate Flow

Still Having Trouble Finding Candidates_ Here Are 4 Ways to Improve Candidate Flow -Madison Resources
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Like many staffing agencies, you may be experiencing the talent crunch. You might have more open job orders than qualified candidates ready to fill them. To overcome this obstacle, you need effective methods for attracting job seekers to your agency.

Use these four tips to improve candidate flow for your staffing agency.

1. Request Employee Referrals

Your employees most likely have family members and friends with the skills and qualifications needed to fill your job orders. Asking for referrals means you should receive candidates with characteristics similar to your staff members. Be sure to provide financial compensation for the employees whose referrals get hired and stay for a set time. This costs less than advertising on job boards and should provide desirable results.

2. Elevate Your Employer Brand

Your Glassdoor rating affects your candidate acquisition cost and volume. In fact, a higher Glassdoor rating can result in a 50% increase in your application conversion rates. The more positive employee reviews your staffing firm has, the more likely job seekers will see, click on, and apply for your jobs.

3. Enhance Your Job Postings

Your job ads may be the first impression job seekers have of your staffing firm. Make sure the job titles are clear and concise. Those with one to three words tend to have the highest apply rates. Also, share the benefits and perks included with the job. Mentions of health insurance, a retirement plan, flexible scheduling, or remote work options typically increase your click-to-apply rate. Additionally, include only the top three to five requirements to perform the work. Plus, stay within 300 to 800 words to produce the best results.

4. Keep Your Recruitment Process Short

Make sure your application process takes under 15 minutes to finish. This increases your completion rate. If your application time is under 5 minutes, your click-to-apply rate should be even higher. Also, finish your interview process, skills tests, and background checks in as little time as possible. This keeps your candidates engaged and wanting to move forward. Additionally, maintain regular communication with your applicants. They need to know where they are at and what the next steps are. Otherwise, your best talent is likely to look for jobs from your competitors.

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