Why You Should Keep Pushing Hard for New Sales in a Candidate Market

Why You Should Keep Pushing Hard for New Sales in a Candidate Market Madison Resources
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In a candidate-driven market, there are more available jobs than qualified candidates. Because of this scarcity, many employers need to offer more attractive compensation and benefits to attract candidates. Your staffing agency can benefit from increased placements and a healthier bottom line.

Find out why you should be working toward additional job orders in a candidate-led market.

Turnover Is Increasing

The rising number of voluntary separations means a significant number of employees are leaving their jobs for better opportunities. In many cases, these job openings are occurring faster than candidates are entering the workforce. Because there is a surplus of positions and not enough candidates to fill them, your customers likely need additional help to fill their vacancies. Contact them today to see how you can fill their needs.

Employers Are Being Ghosted

Because candidates have a significant number of job opportunities, they are more likely not to show up for an interview, accept a job offer, or report to work on their first day. Since many candidates are actively interviewing for several roles or considering job offers from multiple companies, many employers are having trouble maintaining engagement during the hiring process. Rather than explain why they no longer are interested in a position, candidates often ignore calls, emails, and texts from hiring managers. As a result, managers are turning to staffing agencies like yours for help. Because you have an extensive network of candidates looking for career advancement, you can match them with companies that need their skills, experience, and qualifications now.

Hiring Needs to Be Fast

Without a quick hiring process, top talent will lose interest and take jobs elsewhere. This is especially true if hiring managers take too long to get back to candidates, need to reschedule interviews, or spend too much time negotiating a job offer. Because your staffing agency can send vetted candidates to meet with hiring managers, it should not take long to negotiate a job offer. The process is expedited because the background checks, skills testing, and other requirements already are done.

Compensation Is Growing

Due to the tightening labor market, wages have been steadily increasing. Employers are feeling greater pressure to offer higher compensation to fill open roles. This is why you have greater leverage when negotiating job offers on behalf of your candidates. The more your placements earn, the more your staffing agency adds to its bottom line.

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