How Do You Convince Your Customers to Pay Their Employees More?

How Do You Convince Your Customers to Pay Their Employees More_ Madison Resources
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The current talent shortage is causing problems for staffing firms. The low unemployment rate and lack of specialized skills make it difficult to find and place qualified candidates. This problem is compounded by employers not wanting to pay competitive salaries to compete in the tight candidate market. Although finding ways to convince employers to increase their compensation may be difficult, it can be done.

Uncover three ways you can persuade your staffing firm’s customers to increase their candidate pay.

Share Current Marketplace Data

Let your customers know what the market says the salary range for a position should be. You can use sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, or to gather the numbers you need. You also can use employment data, salary surveys, and industry projections from reliable sources to gather data on labor statistics and trends and compensation planning.

Focus on Your Customers’ Gains

Emphasize the long-term advantages your customers gain by offering direct-hire and temp-to-hire candidates a competitive income. For instance, providing talent with an attractive salary from the start and opportunities for annual raises increases job satisfaction and employee retention rates. These workers tend to be more productive, efficient, and engaged because they are fairly compensated. Also, providing a salary on the lower end of the range typically results in a lower level of skills among the candidates. Plus, even if a candidate accepts a job with below-market rates, they typically will be a flight risk because their contributions are undervalued. Odds are the new hire will soon find work where their efforts are adequately rewarded.

Illustrate the Candidate Landscape

Demonstrate your insight into the candidate-driven market. As a professional working exclusively in recruitment, use your day-to-day experience to position yourself as an expert in the field. You will be better able to provide salary advice that your customers take action on. For instance, include the fact that unemployment is significantly low and the best workers typically are off the market within 10 days. Also, point out that because top talent is interviewing with multiple employers, your customers need to offer higher salaries to stay in the running. Because candidates want to know what one company can offer them that others cannot, a higher salary is a good starting point.

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