Niche or Generalist Approach? What Should You Focus Your Sales on in an Uncertain Market?

Niche or Generalist Approach? What Should You Focus Your Sales on in an Uncertain Market?
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Although it may seem counterintuitive, your staffing firm typically should stay within its niche market despite what the economy may be doing. Focusing on what you do best provides your customers with the top-notch staffing service they expect. This can help expand your customer base and increase revenue.

Here are four reasons your staffing firm should stay within its niche during times of economic uncertainty.


Focusing on your niche lets you provide additional value for your staffing customers. They know you are the one to best address the pain points that are common in their industry. This is why your customers choose to do business with your firm. You continue to meet or exceed their staffing expectations and provide exemplary customer service. These are ways to stand out from the competition and secure additional business.


Maintaining a narrow focus on your staffing customers lets you provide them with personalized service. For instance, having a deep understanding of the industry means you know the common issues your customers face and can provide solutions. You also stay current on industry trends so you can tailor your staffing services to your customers’ needs. Plus, you continuously add to your talent pools so your customers have the talent they need when they need it.


Your limited marketing budget is best used to speak to your very specific target market. This includes a marketing message that clarifies who you work with and why. Having a targeted message shows the specific types of customers you can help. Decisionmakers from these companies should come to you either on their own or through referrals.


The customers you want to focus on typically have three things in common. One, they see exponential results from your staffing services. It goes without saying that customers want the intended outcomes of a business arrangement. Two, they pay you on time. Obviously, you are in business to make money and need invoice payments to cover payroll, bills, and expansions. Three, you are passionate about helping these customers. This is why you started your staffing firm and what makes you perform your best each day. Continue to target these customers for new or repeat business.

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