When Employees Leave Another Company, Is Your Staffing Brand Strong Enough to Attract Them?

When Employees Leave Another Company, Is Your Staffing Brand Strong Enough to Attract Them? Madison Resources
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If your staffing company has a strong employer brand, you may be able to attract some of the employees who are leaving their jobs in search of other opportunities. Your employer brand focuses on how your employees, candidates, and potential applicants feel about your staffing company as a place to work. It includes your company culture, benefits, perks, career opportunities, and other reasons a candidate may want to work for you. Because the majority of job seekers research your employer brand when deciding whether to apply for a role, it needs to be top-notch.

Learn actionable ways to strengthen your staffing brand and make it even more attractive to candidates.

Market Targeted Content

Cultivate an online presence that demonstrates the employer brand your staffing company desires. For instance, include blog posts on company events, work culture, your hiring process, and benefits of working for you. Also, share social media posts with employee testimonials, photos, and videos. Show why your employees choose to work for your staffing company instead of your competitors.

Share Your Employer Value Proposition

Show how your staffing company differs from the others and how your employees benefit. Make sure your employer value proposition (EVP) is authentic, relates to what job applicants look for, and produces the results you want. Include your EVP on your career page, blog posts, and other candidate-facing materials.

Monitor Online Reviews

The majority of candidates use the internet to find jobs, learn what it is like to work for an employer, and detail their experiences with a business. As a result, the stories your current and former employees share about your staffing company can make or break your employer brand. If potential candidates come across a negative review, they may abandon the application process or decide not to apply at all. To remedy this, monitor what is being said about your staffing company on your website, social media, and employer review sites. Thank reviewers for positive reviews and quickly address negative reviews. Find out what the issue is and how you can resolve it. Share your progress and results in improving the situation. Showing that you value employee feedback encourages job seekers to work for you.

Attract More Candidates

Having a strong employer brand means more candidates want to work for you when looking for a new role. You can reach these job seekers by marketing targeted content, sharing your EVP, and monitoring your online reviews.

For additional methods and resources to increase your staffing company’s success, talk with the professionals at Madison Resources. We look forward to helping you.

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