Still in a Talent Drought? Do These 3 Things

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Like many staffing firms, you may be having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill your job orders. In an employee market, you need to change your typical recruitment methods in order to get better results. The following suggestions can help you take action today.

Implement these recruitment strategies to find the qualified candidates your staffing firm needs.

1. Update Your Job Postings

Since the best talent is looking for engaging job ads, your staffing firm should treat your job postings as advertisements. For instance, work with your customer to gather information about what candidates can get from the role. Highlight this information in your posting. Also, test different versions of job titles. Using descriptive variations of functional job titles can attract a more diverse candidate pool. Additionally, include the pay rate. This saves your recruiters time by talking with applicants who are willing to accept the income. Plus, include the physical address of the job. Candidates searching within a certain city or a specific number of miles from their home should be able to find your job posting because of a higher rank on Google.

2. Use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising manages the bidding for your roles based on cost per click (CPC) and cost per application (CPA). This controls where you spend, how much you spend, and how many applications you receive for a position. The process uses data to determine which roles should receive more of your advertising budget. It also uses application and job posting performance metrics to make more effective spend decisions in the future. Plus, the process stops ad spend for a position after a set number of applications, then shifts the spend to other roles. You can determine whether an organic or paid approach worked best for a position, which lessens overspending on similar roles down the road.

3. Leverage Your Applicant Tracking System

Use the information in your applicant tracking system (ATS) to source candidates. For instance, create a process to search for talent in your database before you post a job. Experience shows that a returning job seeker is more likely than a new one to apply to a role. Then, contact the candidate to see whether they may be interested in an opportunity. You might want to email previous applicants to reconnect. Or, you might send a job alert when you post new openings on your website. Be sure you remind the candidates of how your staffing firm can help with their careers. Request that they upload their resumes as well.

Talk with the Experts

If your staffing firm is experiencing a talent drought, you need to change what you have been doing to attract candidates. Rewriting your job postings, implementing programmatic advertising, and using your ATS to contact former applicants are effective ways to find the candidates you need to fill your job orders.

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