What’s Your “Why”? Help Your Team Understand Why They Come to Work

What's Your "Why"? Help Your Team Understand Why They Come to Work Madison Resources
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When your staffing employees have a strong purpose for the work they do, they feel more connected to their jobs. This provides a foundation of meaning, value, and impact for the roles your team members fill. Feeling more engaged in their tasks results in greater innovation, productivity, and team cohesion.

Implement these tips to help your staffing team form emotional connections with their roles that encourage them to come to work each day.

Point out the Purpose of Each Position

Connect each employee’s work with filling a purpose within your staffing firm. This should be felt strongly enough to create an emotional reaction. For instance, include stories of customers your staff found last-minute placements for that worked out beyond expectation. Or, talk about candidates who were struggling to find work, then were matched with their dream employer. If you are able to have a customer or candidate come in and talk directly with the staff member who helped them achieve success, the impact will be even greater.

Ask Your Employees to Reflect on Their Purpose

Encourage your staff members to think about how their own sense of purpose connects to your staffing firm’s purpose. This is especially important for leaders with high visibility within your organization. The more they openly discuss their purpose and how it relates to their work, the better the example they model for other team members. Promoting psychological safety in this way provides the space needed for other employees to increase their personal connections to their work.

Link Each Teammate’s Motivations with a Business Goal

Meet with each of your team members to talk about what drives them. This may involve matching customers with candidates, solving problems, or helping candidates reach their career goals. Then, discuss how each employee can connect their motivations with your staffing firm’s goals. Work to make their efforts as specific as possible for maximum impact.     

Encourage Your Staff to See Their Results  

Suggest that your employees spend time with highly satisfied customers or candidates they helped out. Your team members can see firsthand how they made a customer’s work easier or helped a candidate advance their career. Witnessing the positive results of your team members’ work builds positive feelings about what they do. This can serve as motivation to continue to fulfill their responsibilities.

Grow Your Staffing Firm

Talking about the purpose of your employees’ roles, what your team member’s motivations are, and how they relate to your staffing firm’s goals builds emotional connections to the work your team does. Having your staff members witness the results of the work they do encourages them to continue to stay engaged and perform their best each day.

For additional help growing your staffing firm, talk with Madison Resources. We look forward to helping your company grow.

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