New Recruiting Strategies for 2022

New Recruiting Strategies for 2022
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The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has been putting companies and employees through changes that impact their mindsets and expectations. Workers have had more time to think about what they truly want from employers and what they will do to get it. This is why it is so important for your staffing firm to be aware of what attracts top talent to an organization. Offering what job seekers are looking for improves the odds of hiring them to work for you.

Implement any of these four strategies to recruit the best staff in 2022.

Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Treat your applicants well throughout the recruitment process. This includes communicating where they are at, what the next steps are, and when they should hear from you by. It also involves showing up on time for interviews, being prepared, and respecting applicants’ time. The more positive the candidate interactions are with your organization, the more likely applicants are to leave positive employer reviews on Glassdoor and other sites. The more your brand is perceived in a positive manner, the more likely top talent will want to work for you.

Use Technology to Predict Applicant Performance

Due to the high cost of hiring, you should do what you can to determine which candidates may perform better than the others if hired. One way to accomplish this is by using case-based screening. Your applicants can demonstrate whether they have the skills and potential needed to perform the work. When used along with resumes and interviews, you can feel more confident in making the right hire and having them stay long-term.

Focus on Soft Skills

Emphasize the importance of people skills during your interviews. Whereas hard skills can be taught, soft skills need to be developed. This is why emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience, integrity, ethics, creativity, and teamwork are highly sought-after in applicants. These characteristics can help your employees perform their best while working for your customers.

Target Generation Z

Emphasize that your staffing firm prioritizes the values and expectations that matter most to Gen Z. This includes the use of current technology throughout your recruitment process. For instance, make sure your job postings and application process are mobile-friendly. Also, reach out to Gen Z through bite-sized social content, videos, and instant messaging rather than job postings and email. Because Gen Z soon will make up the majority of the workforce, you need to accommodate them accordingly.

Looking for More Recruiting Advice?

Updating your recruiting strategies to fit the current workforce increases your hiring success. The more you cater to job seekers’ needs, the more they will be attracted to your staffing firm and want to work for you.

If you need customized advice to improve your recruitment strategies and results, reach out to Madison Resources. We look forward to speaking with you.

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