Social Media Recruiting: Why It’s Important and the New Wave of Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting: Why It’s Important and the New Wave of Recruiting
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Including social media in your staffing agency’s recruitment efforts lets you reach millions of candidates at a time. Because the majority of active and passive candidates are on social platforms every day, they are likely to find information about your agency and its job openings. The ability to directly connect and form relationships with job seekers increases the odds that they will apply to work for you.

Discover four reasons why you should be using social media in your recruitment strategy.

Emphasize Your Employer Brand

Because passive candidates may not be looking at your job postings, sharing social content about your organization can encourage them to want to work for you. Make sure your posts include your team traditions, shared interests, and other aspects that make your culture stand out. Also, share what your employees like best about working for your staffing agency. Include pictures and videos of your staff at work and company events.

Reach Targeted Candidates

Using the right social network lets you tailor your job postings to reach the candidates most suited for your role. Because each platform has its own audience and culture, you can send the right message to the right job seekers at the right time. You also can reach out to applicants through direct messaging to form connections. Additionally, you can use paid advertising to provide the information candidates want about the jobs they seek. Narrowing your candidate pool and providing personalized experiences let you spend more time interacting with qualified applicants.

Personalize the Candidate Experience

Getting to know job seekers through social media provides a clearer picture of their professional background and personal interests. You can view the candidates’ posts and comments and interact through direct messaging to gain insight into their education, skills, and experience and what they are looking for in both a job and an employer. Plus, you may discover mutual connections who can serve as references to provide additional reasons why certain candidates are best qualified for specific positions.

Measure Your Recruitment Success

Including social media in your hiring efforts lets you track your metrics to determine how successful your efforts are. You can focus on time to hire, cost to hire, source of hire, referral rate, offer acceptance rate, and social engagement. Knowing which platforms and strategies provide high-quality applicants in a short amount of time saves you time and money. You can continue to modify your social recruitment efforts to attain the results you want.

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Because social media recruiting lets you target substantial numbers of qualified candidates at one time, you can increase your candidate pools at a faster rate than with other recruitment methods. Since you can directly interact with job seekers, you can learn more about them on a personal level to determine whether they are a good fit for what you are looking for.

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