Madison has helped our company in many ways and in many aspects. The admin at Madison has always been helpful with any of our needs. As a small company with many questions regarding finance, Madison has been everything we have asked for and needed. Building relationships is what they do. From Sales to Support, they have done a great job to keep us long term. Thank you for all your help and support.

Mike M.
I like all the people I work with from implementation to weekly processing with my specialists and all those prior to them. Everyone has always been very responsive and done a good job so performance and people are the number one reason. The fact that you all process internal staff payroll as well as the contractor staff was one big reason I joined up in the first place, that is a true value to me that the other options didn’t provide. My sales executive calling on me for 8 years with my prior company and I finally joined with my new organization, his persistence is something I admired. Though the pricing for Madison was higher than the other options I chose because of the tenure of the company, sales executive, the team I was introduced to, and the option to process internal staff payroll. A solution for collective Group health benefits would be great in the future if that can ever come about – Thank you!
Jim B.

Madison has taken the time to learn and understand our business model, which has been invaluable to our entire team. We primarily focus on light industrial in the greater metropolitan NY area and as a result, everything is last minute. Credit staff always and consistently come through for us. Very responsive and helpful! That we can pick up the phone, make a request and get a near-instant response is invaluable. Every person we’ve worked with in the Credit department has been consistently helpful, responsive and very aware of the timeliness of our requests. Just a great overall experience. Invoices go out in a timely manner. Data is correct. Billing also verifies accuracy – so it’s good to have that gatekeeper in place as well. Collections is one of the very best services offered by Madison. Somehow my clients respond faster when the contact is initiated by someone other than my own staff. Collections is very tuned in to not just us but our clients as well. I actually and regularly receive compliments about Collections when they interact with our clients. Please also note their tax and accounting departments have provided unending support and guidance – which again has been invaluable.

Karen V.

A young family man, a growing Staffing business and limited time on the calendar; dividing my time between billing satisfied customers, running payroll for our Employees and prospecting for new clients. This is where I was when I called Madison Resources. From then, all running payroll, billings customers was handled by the Team at Madison. As time went on, as I came to work more closely with Madison, other benefits to my Staffing Company came. Madison took total ownership of client payments. They gave me advice on successful prospecting techniques in Staffing. Madison even analyzed potential clients upfront to advise which business relationships would be best for my company to form.


Their team knows Staffing from every angle, A to Z. With Madison, I have had a group of Mentors that have advised me on many things. I called and they were always ready to help me. The elusive, “Work on your business, not in it.” became my reality. They demonstrated a consistent, effective, high-level of work on every single thing they touched. Their good counsel, their team experienced in helping Staffing and Recruitment firms, is beyond valuation.

Michael M.