Madison has taken the time to learn and understand our business model, which has been invaluable to our entire team. We primarily focus on light industrial in the greater metropolitan NY area and as a result, everything is last minute. Credit staff always and consistently come through for us. Very responsive and helpful! That we can pick up the phone, make a request and get a near-instant response is invaluable. Every person we’ve worked with in the Credit department has been consistently helpful, responsive and very aware of the timeliness of our requests. Just a great overall experience. Invoices go out in a timely manner. Data is correct. Billing also verifies accuracy – so it’s good to have that gatekeeper in place as well. Collections is one of the very best services offered by Madison. Somehow my clients respond faster when the contact is initiated by someone other than my own staff. Collections is very tuned in to not just us but our clients as well. I actually and regularly receive compliments about Collections when they interact with our clients. Please also note their tax and accounting departments have provided unending support and guidance – which, again, has been invaluable.